Anglesea Chrismas Camp 2015-2016

The 2015-16 camp, held on the Great Ocean Road, Anglesea was enjoyed by around 100 people from Victoria and interstate. The camp featured daily morning prayer and Bible study meetings, evening concerts and close fellowship amongst the brethren. Catered meals are always a feature of the camp and provide additional opportunities for fellowship. A wide […]

Revival Fellowship Africa – New Hall in Liberia

Some brethren from the European fellowships, Dan Cashford from Medway (UK) and Jan Pieter van Oostende from Dordrecht (Holland) recently visited our newest assembly in Gbarnga, the capital of Bong County in Liberia.

The assembly in Gbarnga has been going for about a year now and has been growing steadily. In April when Pastor Ron Carslake (South Africa) visited them, a piece of land was acquired for $750. Recently a small structure of bamboo was constructed by our brethren, with roofing sheeting supplied by the Mission Fund. They were very proud to show it to Dan and Jan Pieter.

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One fellowship, many location

The Revival Fellowship is part of a worldwide following of people from all races, walks of life, age groups and social backgrounds that share a common experience through belief in the Bible being the inspired Word of God.

Our vision is simply to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ with the expectation of the Bible-specified ‘signs following’, as described in Mark 16:15-20. In doing so, we seek to make known the full benefits of salvation to people all around the globe.

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Revival Fellowship Africa – 134 Fellowships


Starting in 1988 in Cape Town, the work in Africa has grown to approximately 134 fellowships across 10 different countries.  In the poorest continent on earth, the saints here are rejoicing in the work of the Lord and continuing to spread the Gospel.  The challenges faced by the saints in Africa are ones common to most people in Africa – unemployment, poverty, and distance.  Even the smallest of donations to the saints in Africa can have a large impact.

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Revival Fellowship Pan Africa Rally 2012

This year’s Revival Fellowship Pan-Africa rally was in Kisayani, the site of our first rally in 2009. We were joined by leaders from our Fellowships in each of the other African countries except for Uganda and Malawi, and more than 400 Kenyan saints from across the country combined for the Sunday communion meeting. The theme of the rally was “Are you ready for the Harvest” (Matt 9:37,38 and John 4:35) and a number of good talks were brought by each of the visiting leaders as well as several of the Kenyan pastors. We estimate that there are now just over 4000 of us baptised and Spirit filled in the work across Africa, and with almost one Billion people on the African continent, we each have about 250,000 people to cover! The harvest is indeed great! Fortunately the work starts at our front door.

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Revival Fellowship Brazil – Fortelaza hall to re-open

In October 2011, torrential rain knocked down the walls of the Fortaleza hall. Through your donations to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund a new one catering for twice as many people, will be officially opened in March 2013.

The fellowship has an assembly in one of the poorest parts of Brazil – a ‘favela’ (slum) area in Fortaleza. Up until October last year, there was a 300 seat hall in the ‘slum’ area that was used as a meeting place for the 1300 saints that fellowship in that area. Meetings were run every day throughout the week simply to fit people in. In addition, they run meetings throughout the week over at another hall located at Iricema Beach. But it is costly to hire.

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Revival Fellowship Asia – 14 Fellowships

The work in Asia continues to go from strength to strength with fellowships now located in 8 different countries. In the most populated region of the world, God is working through the lives of his people to bring his message of hope and life to all who will listen.

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Revival Fellowship Asia – Outreaching in the Philippines

First Stop – Manila

On Tuesday the 20 March I arrived in Manila & met up with Pr. Manuel Giannikouris (from Darwin), & Pr. Joseph Cantong (from Manila). Pr. Manuel is the Liaison Pastor for The Philippines, & regularly makes visits to the city.

There are about 75 Saints in the Manila fellowship. Members of the fellowship in Manila often have to travel great distances to be at the meetings. The greatest difficulty for them is the time it takes to travel to the meeting, via bus or train, plus the cost of public transport. Manila is a city of over 20 million people making it very congested. Some of the brethren travel more than two hours to get to the meetings. The traffic is always chaotic, & as a result, following up the new members, & general visiting can be difficult.

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