Revival Fellowship Asia – 14 Fellowships

The work in Asia continues to go from strength to strength with fellowships now located in 8 different countries. In the most populated region of the world, God is working through the lives of his people to bring his message of hope and life to all who will listen.

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Revival Fellowship Asia – Outreaching in the Philippines

First Stop – Manila

On Tuesday the 20 March I arrived in Manila & met up with Pr. Manuel Giannikouris (from Darwin), & Pr. Joseph Cantong (from Manila). Pr. Manuel is the Liaison Pastor for The Philippines, & regularly makes visits to the city.

There are about 75 Saints in the Manila fellowship. Members of the fellowship in Manila often have to travel great distances to be at the meetings. The greatest difficulty for them is the time it takes to travel to the meeting, via bus or train, plus the cost of public transport. Manila is a city of over 20 million people making it very congested. Some of the brethren travel more than two hours to get to the meetings. The traffic is always chaotic, & as a result, following up the new members, & general visiting can be difficult.

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