This is God’s testimony of what he has done for me. I was brought up with a church background but became very disillusioned by the hypocrisy that I saw. It seems it was okay to commit sin, or live in sin. I was confused and walked away from this church. Also, I saw no evidence of God or His power. I had no knowledge of who God was.

I was heavily involved in gambling and had a bad temper. Around the time that my wife left me, I had become a very aggressive person. In 1993 I was baptized by full immersion in water, and about 6 weeks later I spoke in this wonderful new language. It was at this point in my life that the Lord healed me of my anger and He has given me a peace, joy and a love that I have never before had for anyone. I love to be with the church family, but most of all I have this love for my Lord and Saviour. I realize now that He has chosen me to preach to others the good news and also that the healing power of God is still available today. I look forward to His return.