I was brought up in a denominational church but I never knew God nor did I have a desire to know Him. I always thought there had to be a better life than the one I was living because at times it was so horrible. In 2002 a friend invited me to a fellowship meeting and I went without being at all interested. But when the pastor explained about the Holy Spirit, I thought my sister might be interested. So I decided to get baptised so that I could tell her about it. After baptism I received the Spirit and spoke in tongues while still in the water.

I had filled my life with activities and people and thought I was pretty content, except for this ache that I had inside of me that no one could fill. After receiving the Spirit, I gave up these activities and attended fellowship meetings instead. It was like coming home for me. The Lord replaced my emptiness with His love. He made me whole by healing my hatred for the person who had made my childhood unhappy, and He enabled me to forgive. He adopted me as one of His own, and has given me eternal life.

I thank the Lord that He has put me in a church where I can go to my pastors and be guided and counselled by the His Word, and by being obedient to this counselling my life is blessed by God.