Before I came to know God, I was a smoker for many years. I had tried to quit smoking on numerous occasions without any success. I was only able to stay away for short periods before giving into the need to ‘relieve’ stress and the urges that arose. Even after I heard about the Lord, I tried to ‘clean up my act’ by trying to quit smoking before setting myself right in the eyes of the Lord. How wrong I was! Not only did I fail to quit smoking, I became more addicted instead. I was relying on my own strength instead of trusting in the Lord. 

It came to a point I actually gave up trying to quit smoking. Yet, I also knew that I had to do something to be right by God. I soon found out that ‘something’ was to repent, be baptized for the remissions of my sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. I took the plunge and was baptized in Dec 2007. 

After I was baptized, I prayed to the Lord to take away my desire of smoking. He did; I literally quit overnight. Praise the Lord that nothing is impossible for Him.