I truly thought I knew God and believed I was doing the right thing by being involved in the Baptist church, both as a Sunday school leader and as a regular churchgoer. It wasn’t until I was shown scriptures in my bible by two ladies from the Revival Fellowship in South Australia, that my understanding of God was turned upside down. They revealed to me the need to be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I had never heard of this before and so began my search. I was baptised in the Baptist church without anything happening and it was only when I cried out to the Lord in my bedroom on my knees that I began to speak in an unknown language. At once my whole being was filled with joy and I ran around the house praying in the spirit speaking in tongues. I immediately went to the Revival Fellowship and was baptised this time with full understanding and I came out of the water feeling finally clean and right with God. My walk had just begun.