I was raised with a very good church upbringing for 30 years.  About 11 years ago a doctor told me that I had a major problem in my body.  At this point in my life, I had a real fear of death.  Because of what the doctor had said, I desired proof from God to show that He was real, and how I could be right with Him.

About six months later, I was spoken to about the Bible message.  I repented and got baptized and then I received the Holy Spirit, with the Biblical sign, which is speaking in tongues.  This was the proof that I was asking for.  Also, I no longer had the health problems the doctor had diagnosed.  My life changed and I found that I had lost the desire to drink alcohol and I stopped swearing.  However, the greatest miracle for me, was that I no longer had a fear of death, and I thank the Lord for that.