David and I were married for about 6 years when we decided to have a child. However, I went for a check-up only to discover that I suffered from endometriosis – a condition that prevents conception or induces miscarriages in a conceived womb. 

Both my husband and I then underwent a series of treatment in attempt to conceive, but to our dismay, none of it was successful. After all the money spent and the stress that we went through, David and I realised that medical science could not help us. Thankfully, God could! 

We went down on our knees and sought the Lord earnestly, asking Him for a miracle of life. Praise God – only one and a half months into our prayer, I conceived! Even the gynaecologist was taken aback by this sudden turn of events. Even he had claimed that it would take a miracle for us to have a child. 

Now nine years on, our daughter Chloe has grown up healthy and joyful. She has received the Holy Spirit too. We thank the Lord for such a provision – He never fails.