Revival Fellowship Brazil – Fortelaza hall to re-open

In October 2011, torrential rain knocked down the walls of the Fortaleza hall. Through your donations to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund a new one catering for twice as many people, will be officially opened in March 2013.

The fellowship has an assembly in one of the poorest parts of Brazil – a ‘favela’ (slum) area in Fortaleza. Up until October last year, there was a 300 seat hall in the ‘slum’ area that was used as a meeting place for the 1300 saints that fellowship in that area. Meetings were run every day throughout the week simply to fit people in. In addition, they run meetings throughout the week over at another hall located at Iricema Beach. But it is costly to hire.

As a result of the generous donations to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund, enough has been raised not only to completely rebuild the hall but also to more than triple the number of people that are able to attend.

Work on the new hall is moving along well with the assistance of the mission fund and will be completed very soon.

Work on the roof is now being completed and they have started on the internals. A brand new mezzanine floor is also being constructed to provide rooms for the hundreds of children who attend meetings with their parents.

The rented Iricema Beach hall will be relinquished at the beginning of January 2013, so the new hall, with space for nearly 600, will be a welcome home and a focal point for the members of the Fortaleza Revival Fellowship.

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