Revival Fellowship Pan Africa Rally 2012

This year’s Revival Fellowship Pan-Africa rally was in Kisayani, the site of our first rally in 2009. We were joined by leaders from our Fellowships in each of the other African countries except for Uganda and Malawi, and more than 400 Kenyan saints from across the country combined for the Sunday communion meeting. The theme of the rally was “Are you ready for the Harvest” (Matt 9:37,38 and John 4:35) and a number of good talks were brought by each of the visiting leaders as well as several of the Kenyan pastors. We estimate that there are now just over 4000 of us baptised and Spirit filled in the work across Africa, and with almost one Billion people on the African continent, we each have about 250,000 people to cover! The harvest is indeed great! Fortunately the work starts at our front door.

Before the rally began there were 3 days of meetings and discussions where we heard reports from each of the visiting leaders and an update of the work in Kenya. Things are progressing well in each place, with news of baptisms and growth from every quarter. Each country is facing similar problems arising primarily from poverty and the time that it takes just to earn a living each day, as well as the costs of travelling long distances to keep in touch with our saints as the gospel spreads, and the provision of meeting venues, etc. We recognised that all of these are needs which the Lord has already promised to supply for His people.

Increasingly the greatest challenge lies in breaking through the mindset of those influenced by Pentecostal philosophies, in particular their “prosperity gospel”, and showing people the difference between that and the true gospel. Strategies were discussed for involving everyone in our assemblies in the work through organised evangelism and follow up, as well as training future leaders. We also need to teach our people of their responsibility to support the work through their tithes and offerings. Future growth at the national and even international level will be largely a product of continued growth at the local level.

Official registration of the Revival Fellowship in Malawi has just been granted, where we have over 420 saints fellowshipping in 9 different assemblies. More than 250 people have been baptised and Spirit filled there just in the last 12 months. Pr Charles from Kenya and Pr Eddie from Zambia have been doing a great job in getting things well established, and Pr Charles is planning to make another visit in October.

In the DRC we now have assemblies in 3 main centres; in Lubumbashi where the work began, in Uvira and Bukavu some 800 km to the east, and now in Mbuji-Mayi about 1000km to the west. Local registration of the fellowships in Lubumbashi and Uvira has just been granted, and now an application for national registration is being prepared to be lodged in Kinshasa.

Progress is also ongoing with registration of the work in Rwanda. The process has been particularly difficult there, with the government seeking a number of undertakings from us. We are expecting approvals to be granted in the next couple of weeks, but this will mean as a consequence we’ll be forced to begin work on the main assembly property in Kigali. Unfortunately we face a very real threat of being prevented from holding meetings if we ignore their directives, but we’re confident that the Lord is guiding us through.

Reported by Pr. Ron Carslake


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